Winter is coming… are you ready?


Winter is coming, and it’s imperative to get your vehicle checked out. Cold temperatures are hard on many parts of your car. Below is a checklist of winter-ready steps for your vehicle. We perform a 27 point inspection with all services, which covers checking the air filter, fluids, belts, hoses, clamps, battery, wiper blades, and tires. Call Staci at Janssen Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Holdrege today at 308-995-8423 for an appointment!

  • Make sure you’re up to date on any regular, routine maintenance items. Make sure you’re changing your oil and filter at regular, scheduled intervals. Motor oil thickens when cold. Also, during the first 20 minutes or so after startup, your engine doesn’t run as efficiently and runs rich, causing water vapor to build up in the motor oil and exhaust system. This is especially true if you’re driving mostly short trips to work and/or school. Oil changes are very important in cold weather.
  • Check air filter and replace if necessary; replace the fuel filter if necessary.
  • Depending on mileage and usage, you may need to have your coolant system serviced. If the existing coolant is mixed wrong, it can freeze and leave you stranded. Also, over time, coolant breaks down due to the hot environment under the hood. Dust and rust particles can clog the small passageways in your engine and radiator, necessitating the replacement of your coolant.
  • Depending on mileage and usage, you may need to have your transmission serviced as well. Transmissions frequently are ignored until there are shifting issues, and there are costly repairs. A lot of these issues can be prevented with routine maintenance.
  • Have ALL fluids checked.
  • Have drive belts, hoses, and clamps checked.
  • Have your battery checked. A battery can be weak, but still start your car in the morning, stranding you out and about. A quick check by a professional can tell you how weak or strong your battery is.
  • Check heater and defroster working condition.
  • Replace worn wiper blades and make sure washer fluid is full.
  • Make sure all exterior lights are working.
  • Check your tires for wear. Tread depth of 2/32” is the legal minimum for driver safety, and that’s in good driving conditions. For winter and/or wet conditions, a tread depth of at least 4/32-6/32” is recommended. The rubber in all-season tires can harden in the cold. Winter tires stay soft and grip the road.
  • Check operation of 4 wheel drive BEFORE you need it.
  • Assemble an emergency/safety kit. Make sure you have flashlights, batteries, flares, jumper cables, tool kit, and a first-aid kit. Add a blanket or two, and a small shovel.


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