Webmail Login Info

To login into webmail, please us the information provided below. Your passwords are the original secure passwords I provided, use them to log in. This new server has maximum password security protection. If you have any questions, call Dillon at (308)-995-4418.

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How Do I Create A Bookmark?

How to create a bookmark in Mozilla FireFox

I would cover Internet Explorer, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you utilize Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft has discontinued any future development of Internet Explorer. Today's modern computers come equipped with Microsoft Edge.

My Password Is Not Working?

This is usually a temporary problem due to changing the email servers IP address. To clear your browser of conflicting data problems, please clear your browser's cache.

How to clear cache in Mozilla Firefox

Webmail Login URL

Note: You may wish to bookmark, also known as add to favorites, the email login link. However, you will notice when you log into your email via www.janssenautogroup.com/webmail, the URL redirects to another URL. (https://janssenautogroup.com:2096)

Do not bookmark janssenautogroup.com:2096, make sure you bookmark janssenautogroup.com/webmail. You can edit a bookmark by right clicking the bookmark and choose edit from the drop-down menu.

Why Do The Passwords Need To Be So Difficult?
The answer is of course security. Remember, this auto group is not Apple, Google, Yahoo, etc. The auto group doesn't employee teams of people dedicated to monitoring just email programs. We are a simple operation and do not have the resources. These secure passwords keep us from being hacked by bots and keep our email addresses safe from spam abuse.

When I refer to spam, I'm not referring to garbage messages you may receive. I'm referring to specialized robot programs that travel the internet searching for mail systems and then attempt to hack their way into the server to utilize the system so that they can send spam from our system's highly reputable IP address. After all, we do not want our website and email IP blacklisted.

My Email Is Full, What Do I Do?

Your email account has a capacity of 500 megabytes. This ensures a faster email experience for all users. This also keeps server resources down. Your email is not a personal storage drive for large data files. If you feel the need to save large files online, please use Google Drive or DropBox. These services have free startup pricing.

PRO TIP: Empty your email's trash can on a regular basis.
How Do I Setup Email On My Mobile Device?

So you're looking for convenience, that's cool. It's all good if you know what you're doing, so here are some instructions. The process is different based on your user device. Finally, choose IMAP only. DO NOT CHOOSE POP3, if you choose POP3 your email account will fill up and not work after awhile. POP3 will also fill your mobile device with email as well.

How Do I Setup Email With An Email Client Application?

If you do not like the look and feel of webmail and you want something with a bit more options, then email client application software is the way to go. I recommend Mozilla Thunderbird, it's awesome, and it's free. Once again remember, we are on an SSL secure server, and use IMAP for your configuration. DO NOT CHOOSE POP3.

How To Setup Thunderbird

How Do I Use Gmail With My Company Email Address?

If you have a Google account, you have a Gmail account. To utilize Gmail as a webmail client, follow the instructions in the link below. I've never used this method myself, so you're on your own. It's Google, it should work.